Technology that's patently different

FusionCast uses a Patent-pending process that suspends bronze, copper or aluminum metal particles in high density urethane (HDU) at the molecular level. Most of the metal is at the front of the sign where it can be seen while the rest is a tough but light substrate. The result is the perfect synthesis of form and function that guarantees long lasting resistance to the worst of outdoor elements including sun, cold, acid rain and physical abuse. All our signs come with 10 year warranty.

FusionCast Sign Builder Technology

Our signs come with several other advantages that make them unique:


We know when it comes to buying a sign that consumers have many choices in materials from solid metal, plastic, wood and other options. To be different, we had to offer something that few other manufacturers could: durability at an affordable price. Our signs are certainly not the cheapest but they represent the best value when you consider durability. We cut our teeth serving the golf industry where our signs are subjected to the harshest conditions mother nature can create including: freezing winters, scorching heat, bleaching sun and acid rain. We've also been subjected to human abuse, errant golf balls, wayward golf carts and frustrated golfers who use our signs as the focus of their bad day out on the course. But our signs have survived without cracking, peeling, fading, getting stained, growing mould, getting scratched--in fact our signs look every bit as good years later as they did the day they were made.


A solid metal sign weighs a lot! The bigger and thicker it is, the more it costs to ship, store and mount. By using less metal, our signs are up to 50% lighter making them less expensive to handle and work with. Now consider the extra cost of installing a very heavy sign. You may need to reinforce a wall, require special mounting brackets or in some cases, involve the services of an engineer. FusionCast presents more flexible options. Many of our plaques can be hung on a wall like a picture frame. "Easy" not only saves time, but money as well.


We've all heard stories about metal being stolen for its scrap value. Bronze can fetch as much as $3 a pound making it an easy target for unscrupulous "recyclers". If this happens to one of our signs, unsuspecting thieves will get a big surprise when they attempt to sell it for scrap. But the replacement cost of a sign can also be looked at another way. Imagine being able to make affordable duplicates of a commemorative plaque, achievement award or other recognition piece as a gift or display copy. Only our technology can make this an affordable undertaking.

If you need a house/cottage sign, historical plaque, directional signage or retail application that has a high-value appearance that combines durability and affordability in a proven solution, you won't going wrong with us-we guarantee it.